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The IVY Counseling

Embark on a Symphony of Education

At The Ivy Counseling, we don’t just guide; we mentor our kids to get into best fit schools of the globe. Navigate the intricacies of academia with confidence as we empower you to design not just a future but an opus of learning that harmonises with your essence.

Architects of Ambitions

Our approach is more than counseling; it's architectural. Beyond university choices, we empower you to build your academic legacy by being part of the world class institutions.

The IVY Counseling

Services We Offer

Embark on a personalised journey with our virtuosos of academic excellence. Our counselors harmonise your aspirations with the rhythm of  universities, orchestrating a seamless transition into the diverse world of university academia.

The American

Embark on a personalised journey with our highly competitive counselors.

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The Canadian Symphony

Experience the Canadian symphony of education with us.

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The European Serenade

Unleash the European serenade with our expert guidance.

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The British Crescendo

Embark on a British crescendo with us. We guide you through UK/Oxbridge admissions.

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Standardized Test Preparation

Harmonise your path to success with our melodic prelude in test preparation.

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Success Stories

Harmony of Success Stories: Echoes of Our Prodigies

My journey with The Ivy Counselling has been a transformative crescendo. Their guidance has not just prepared me for studies in the US; it has orchestrated a journey that encapsulates the very essence of university life.

Shehryar H

I am immensely grateful for The Ivy Counselling, guiding me through a relaxed yet exciting application process. Their encouragement led me to the school of my dreams, where I've been accepted with a scholarship!

Kiana S

The classes were a dynamic symphony, engaging me to think beyond the conventional notes. The error logs were my musical scores, each correction a note towards perfection.


Jeffrey, my instructor, transcended language barriers, explaining concepts to ensure everyone understood. The classes provided a rich learning experience, benefiting students from various backgrounds.

Marie - Test Prep Maestra

Working with The Ivy Counselling enriched my SAT preparation. The personalised approach made learning enjoyable, and the insights from my instructor, Azusa, sparked a curiosity for learning new things.

Julie - Test Prep Virtuosa

The Ivy Counseling

Creating Legacies

We do boast that our students are the part of:

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Elevate Your Educational Symphony with The Ivy Counseling

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