The IVY Counseling

About Us

The IVY Counseling

Who We Are

We are a dynamic team of highly educated individuals who are passionate about sending our student community to the best schools of the world, of which we are the alumni.We have catered to over 25,0000 students over the past 2 decades and our student community is now at the top-echelons of the society, working at myriads of Multi-Nationals and having their own start-ups.
Its now your turn to aspire for the best and we shall dedicate ourselves to place you in the school of your best-fit. This is our Passion.

The IVY Counseling

Our Vision

At Ivy Group, we mentor and prepare high school students for admission to US and Canadian universities through one-on-one university counseling and test preparation.We also assist with preparatory and graduate school applications.

The IVY Counseling

Our Team

Our team is scattered all around the globe offering the state-of-the-art solutions for all your admission needs.
We have a team all the way from Bangalore to Boston, from Nanjing to New York.

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